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The Golden Seven

Golden and Seveny

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The Golden Nine
The Golden Seven's official community.
Membership is limited to RL members, however feel free to read the posts.

1. First and foremost, good behavior at all times. I know “good” is relative, but you all know what I mean.

2. Respect the boundaries of all other members. This includes:
  • a. Calling them by their chosen alias (Some people prefer higher security. If you need to know who the person is, contact them privately.)

  • b. No harassment.

  • 3. If posting about certain places, please make the entry “friends-only”. We’d rather not have strangers inviting themselves to our homes, thankyouverymuch. However, feel free to just say “so-and-so’s house”. That doesn’t require a friends-only posting.

    4. Online, people are different. Respect what is said online. Do not reference what is said online in real life.
    More information: http://midge.bloggage.com/readme/

    5. Proper grammar and spelling is always nice. L33tspeak is right out.

    6. All pictures over 300px/300px must be put under a cut.
    (<*lj-cut text="text here"*> <*/lj-cut*> remove the stars.)

    7. Do not repost quizzes. If someone posts a quiz, respond with your results as a comment. If the HTML is too long, either shorten it or just post a text-only result. (I.e. "I got Penny as the person I represent most!")

    8. Don't disrespect the moderator. I have final say.

    9. When someone posts graphics, please respect any and/or all of their requests for
    comments or credit.

    10. Entries not following the above guidelines get a reprimand in the form of a comment. If the reprimand fails to work, the entry is deleted.

    11. Have a good time.



    RP: Penelope Clearwater

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